Visit by a delegation from Japan

Visit to Petronor by a delegation from the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima to learn more about the company's projects.

The delegation was welcomed by Arturo Fernández, head of hydrogen-related projects at Alba-Petronor, who explained the strategy within the framework of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor for the consolidation of a hydrogen ecosystem in the Basque Country, the aim of which is to help decarbonise industry and develop technology and manufacturing capacities for hydrogen-related equipment.

In addition, Mr. Fernández provided an overview of the progress being made in different projects, such as the 2.5 MW electrolyser and the Abanto Zierbena Technology Park, which were of particular interest for the members of the Japanese delegation. The visitors also expressed their interest in learning about the participation of Japanese companies in the Basque Hydrogen Corridor, and in finding new opportunities for collaboration.

Original source: Petronor

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