Lucia Mendizabal

Tekniker, committed to hydrogen production and distribution from the Basque Country.

Many different issues related to renewable energy, job opportunities and innovation were discussed at the round table of the Energy Transition Forum organised by Grupo Noticias and held recently in Bilbao. Within this context, one of the most popular options in the energy transition model, green hydrogen, could not be left out of this debate.

Lucía Mendizabal, Coordinator of Tekniker's Hydrogen Commitment, stressed that this synthetic fuel will be of particular importance in goods transport, since heavy transport is not easy to electrify and we will not be able to decarbonise it and reach an emission-free Europe if we do not use green hydrogen. In addition to her commitment to this non-polluting solution, Mendizabal mentioned the importance of generating a new industrial opportunity: producing green hydrogen for our own consumption and for export. As Ms. Mendizabal stated during her participation in the round table, energy independence is key to the well-being of society.

Source: Deia