Hydrogen pipeline.

Nortegas starts up the first hydrogen pipeline in Spain to transport 100% renewable hydrogen.

Nortegas, in conjunction with Petronor and Repsol, has begun developing the first infrastructure of its kind in Spain to pipe renewable hydrogen to the hydrogen refuelling station in the EIC and to other facilities, such as the H2SAREA project.

The two kilometre-long pipeline marks a milestone in the development of both the future hydrogen economy and natural gas distribution infrastructures, enabling 100% renewable hydrogen to be transported to the largest possible number of customers.

The facility, which forms part of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor strategy, represents a step forward in providing society with a clean and sustainable energy model. All available levers have and will be used, such as existing gas infrastructures which are already prepared for early, efficient and safe decarbonisation.

Source: Nortegas

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