The MUBIL Hub, at a pivotal moment with the completion of the new headquarters that will house laboratories for testing hydrogen fuel cells.

The Smart and Sustainable Mobility Hub MUBIL, set up by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa as part of the Basque Government RIS-3 smart specialisation strategy and in which the Basque government participates through the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), is about to enter into a decisive phase, with a view to positioning the province and region as references in a sector immersed in a process of transformation seen as fundamental for combating climate change.

Founded in 2018, MUBIL has progressively taken a series of key steps to turn Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country into internationally relevant players in the field of sustainable and smart mobility. Though the first headquarters were opened in 2021 in Tolosa, the organisation is now upgrading to new premises in Donostia, specifically in the Eskuzaitzeta industrial estate in Zubieta. Work on the new facilities is at an advanced stage and is scheduled to be completed early next year. The new MUBIL headquarters will be located next to other public-private partnership projects, involving a joint investment of over 36 million euros and forming a hub with various leading technology centres covering a total surface area of 48,000 m2.

The MUBIL Hub will encompass different strategic areas of knowledge and technological development, and will strengthen the industrial fabric and the value chain in all areas related to new mobility. The new headquarters will house three technology laboratories for the testing of key components for light and heavy vehicles: energy storage, power train and hydrogen fuel cells, providing the Hub with differential and state-of-the-art technological facilities.

Source: El Diario Vasco