Jose Zudaire in the round table at the Green Hydrogen Congress in Huelva.

Jose Ignacio Zudaire, Deputy CEO of Petronor and President of the BH2C, takes part in the 1st National Green Hydrogen Congress.

Jose Ignacio Zudaire, Deputy CEO of Petronor, has taken active part in the 1st National Green Hydrogen Congress held in Huelva. As President of the BH2C, Mr. Zudaire took part in one of the congress round tables on the subject of hydrogen valleys.

Green Hydrogen is essential to decarbonise the planet and to meet the objectives of the European Union and the Spanish Government for 2050 to combat climate change. At the moment, the main barrier facing this energy carrier is that it is at a fledgling stage. New energy sources tend to need a maturation period of 10 to 15 years and, in Mr. Zudaire's words, "as with all technologies that are just starting out, the "chicken or the egg" dilemma has to be resolved. In our case, we do it with a prudent roadmap that enables us to "learn by doing"".

The BH2C was founded with the aim of creating a hydrogen ecosystem, based in the Basque Country, to enable progress to be made in the decarbonisation of the energy, industrial, residential and mobility sectors. It also aims to be a driver in the process of transforming the productive fabric and ensuring the continued importance of industry in our economy.

Source: Petronor

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