The Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient.

Irizar presents its new Hydrogen i6S Efficient Coach.

Irizar presents the first prototype of the Hydrogen i6S Efficient. This pioneering project is further proof of Irizar's firm commitment to offering a complete range of zero-emission vehicles, both short and long distance, as part of the Group's path towards the decarbonisation of its entire vehicle range. This hydrogen-powered vehicle has been developed by Irizar in conjunction with leading companies and technology centres, and is currently undergoing tests of different types. The accumulation of experience and knowledge with this technology will be key to shaping the hydrogen range of the future.

The Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient has a range of up to 1,000 km and a minimum recharging time of around 20 minutes. In addition, it is capable of running in 100% electric mode at specific times when required. The future range of hydrogen vehicles, which currently includes the Irizar i6S Efficient and Irizar i4 models, will offer substantial improvements over the first version presented at Busworld, including a larger luggage compartment, greater passenger capacity, increased autonomy and reduced weight.

Other stand-out features include the efficiency and high durability of the vehicle's main components. The batteries will not need to be changed throughout the vehicle's useful life, while the fuel cell will require maintenance, without replacing components, after around 30,000 hours of operation, depending on the type of routes and uses made of the vehicle.

Source: Irizar

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