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The H2MAT project joins the Basque Hydrogen Corridor (BH2C).

H2MAT "hybrid multilayer metal structures to be used in contact with hydrogen" is a project funded by the Basque Government under the ELKARTEK 2022 programme. The aim of the project is to work on the design, manufacture and assessment of multilayer, high-entropy alloy (HEA)-interphase-steel structures as an alternative to the limitations of the stainless steel currently used in hydrogen transport applications.

To this end, the project is focused on: 1) better understanding and controlling the physical and chemical nature of the HEA-steel interface to act as a barrier to hydrogen diffusion into the steel; 2) assessing the behaviour of unconventional high-entropy alloys with hydrogen, and their compatibility with steels; 3) optimising the technologies proposed to produce hybrid joints with controlled interfaces and in such a way as to minimise carbon diffusion into the HEA during processing; and 4) the technical-economic assessment of the structures obtained compared to the use of current stainless steel structures in the transport of hydrogen.

The project is coordinated by Mondragón Unibertsitatea and involves the participation of seven other players from the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, namely: AZTERLAN, CEIT, Sidenor R&D, Tecnalia, Tubacex Innovation, UPV/EHU and the Energy Cluster.

Within the BH2C, the H2MAT project is included in Vertical 2: T&D and Storage.

Further information is now available at the project website: https://www.h2matproject.com/