Visita en H2SAREA

A delegation from the CNMC visits the Nortegas H2SAREA facilities.

The Nortegas H2SAREA facilities have been the venue for the visit of a delegation from the CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia - National Commission on Markets and Competition). Cani Fernández, President of the CNMC, together with Pilar Sánchez, acting Vice-President; Josep Maria Salas i Prat, María Jesús Martín, and Xabier Ormaetxea Garai, CNMC board members; and Rocío Prieto González, Director of Energy, had the opportunity to learn first-hand about this pioneer initiative developed by Nortegas.

During their visit, the members of the CNMC were briefed on this project which physically replicates a gas distribution network, with all its constituent elements, and into which hydrogen mixed with natural gas (a process referred to as 'blending') has been injected in different percentages (from 5 to 20%) for 12,000 hours over more than two years of operating tests.

The recently completed tests have been a success, demonstrating that the current natural gas distribution infrastructure in Spain can operate with a 20% hydrogen blend, which would, in turn, enable CO2 emissions equivalent to those generated by 3 million homes to be avoided. This represents a great opportunity to promote the decarbonisation of natural gas consumption in Spain. Likewise, blending will contribute to the development of the green hydrogen market, as it will enable ongoing production projects to distribute this blend of hydrogen and natural gas, of both fossil and renewable origin (grey or green), in the short term, using the existing distribution networks, with a minimum investment for adaptation.

Source: Nortegas

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