Bizkaia takes a step forward in its plan to use hydrogen in public transport

Bizkaia moving forward with its plan to use hydrogen in public transport.

Bizkaibus will carry out its second road and refuelling test with a bus manufactured by CaetanoBus, after testing for the first time in June with a bus loaned by Solaris.

Bizkaia is taking another step forward in its plan to use hydrogen for public transport. Bizkaibus will conduct its second road and refuelling test on a hydrogen-powered bus, with an H2.Cyty Gold vehicle manufactured by CaetanoBus. The bus will be tested on real routes in the three districts of Bizkaia with the most concentrated urban layout. The aim of the Bizkaia Provincial Council is to continue working towards the deployment of "increasingly cleaner and more sustainable buses in its fleet, and to advance towards a 'zero pollutant emission' mobility model".

The vehicle to be tested on the Bizkaibus lines will be an H2.Cyty Gold model manufactured by CaetanoBus, the main shareholder of which is Toyota Motor Europe. The vehicle, powered exclusively by electricity generated by a 100% hydrogen-powered fuel cell, is a 12-metre long Class I, low-floor bus, with a capacity for 87 passengers. It is fitted with a 180 kW engine and has a range of 400 km when fully charged, i.e. at the maximum pressure of 350 bar.

The H2.Cyty Gold provides a high level of comfort and is easily accessible for users. As the batteries, hydrogen tanks and fuel cell are located on the roof, space inside the vehicle is maximised. This will be the second road and refuelling test to be conducted by Bizkaibus in real conditions on a hydrogen-powered bus, after the one conducted last June with the Urbino 12 Hydrogen model loaned by Solaris.

As on that first occasion, the test will be carried out on real routes, following behind the bus that services the Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea, Nerbioi-Arratia-Durangaldea and Txorierri-Mungialdea lines. The refuelling tests will be carried out with a portable hydrogen refuelling facility installed by the company Carburos Metálicos, which will also supply the renewable hydrogen itself.

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