AMPO partners with GRZ Technologies to provide green hydrogen storage solutions.

AMPO, an engineering company specialising in fluid handling across multiple sectors, and GRZ Technologies, a manufacturer of green hydrogen-based solutions, have announced a partnership agreement to provide green hydrogen storage solutions.

AMPO will be responsible for distributing and integrating systems designed to operate in decentralised areas of the electricity and gas grid, exactly where renewables are to be found. Products include: hydrogen-based MWh power storage, long-life metal hydride storage solutions from kgs to tonnes, thermal hydrogen compressors, and modular methanation solutions for e-methane using carbon capture and hydrogen.

This partnership with GRZ Technologies will strengthen AMPO's position as a key player in green energy, as well as the company's ISS (Integrated Smart Solutions) services. AMPO has chosen GRZ's modular technology for its scalability, integration possibilities with other technologies, safety and ease of operation, with a view to offering end-to-end hydrogen integration systems to drive the energy transition.

Source: Ampo

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