Tecnalia laboratory.

Tecnalia and Telefónica to promote the digitalisation of the green hydrogen sector.

With the end goal of achieving sustainable green hydrogen production, Tecnalia and Telefónica are setting up joint work teams to develop solutions based on new mathematical models and prototypes that recreate the operating conditions of the different elements of a hydrogen plant. On the basis of the resultant data and their combination with different sources of information, it will be possible to develop various models using BD and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies roll out processes for the sustainable production of hydrogen.

The benefits of this collaborative project include lower initial costs, resource optimisation, production planning, increased lifetime of critical plant elements and improved plant performance.

As well as combining its capabilities in key technologies such as IoT and Big Data with expertise in AI, Telefónica also guarantees end-to-end safety throughout the process of green hydrogen production. This will enable greater process autonomy and, consequently, improved performance of the services the processes enable. For its part, Tecnalia develops solutions for producing low-cost green hydrogen, leads initiatives for its production on an industrial scale and is setting up a state-of-the-art laboratory for the testing and evaluation of components and materials for the production and storage of this energy carrier in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Source: Tecnalia

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