H2SITE on RTVE (Spanish Radio and TV) news program

Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE), the Spanish Radio and Televisión Corporation, has broadcast a report on the commissioning of H2SITE, the world's first plant to manufacture palladium alloy membranes for the on-site production of high purity hydrogen. The plant is a deeptech startup of TECNALIA Research & Innovation.

The RTVE news visited the factory in Loiu where H2SITE manufactures membranes used in the construction of reactors and separators for the production of hydrogen from ammonia or methanol. José Antonio Medrano, the Technical Director of H2SITE, explains how the tubular membranes are made and highlights the significant advantage that this new technology provides: namely, that it enables ammonia to be transformed into hydrogen in the end user's own facilities.

Click on the following link to watch the video: Tecnalia Ventures on LinkedIn: H2SITE, in RTVE news