The BH2C organises the 2nd working meeting of the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor.

Representatives of the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor, the constituent members of which are Aragon, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Navarra, held a working meeting in Bilbao last Thursday, 9 June.

The BH2C is an active member of this initiative along with the Hydrogen Foundation of Aragon, the Vall de l'Hidrogen Catalunya, the Industry Association of Navarra (AIN), Sodena (Development of Navarra) and SHYNE (Spanish Hydrogen Network).

The Ebro Hydrogen Corridor is a pioneering project in Europe, involving the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy and based on the development of local technological and industrial capabilities as the only way to turn a challenge, the energy transition, into an opportunity for economic and social development of the region.

The initiative represents an alliance of more than 12 million people working in industry, business and technology centres, who are constantly on the move and looking for a sustainable future with clean energy and guaranteed supply.

In terms of renewable hydrogen production, the goal of the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor is to set up 400 MW of hydrogen production by 2025, reaching 1.5 GW of production by 2030; to promote 1.5 GW of renewable generation by 2025 and 6.0 GW by 2030, and to produce 250,000 t/year of products derived from renewable hydrogen (e-methanol, renewable ammonia and synthetic fuels) by 2030.

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