Hydrogen Sectorial Forum

The meeting of the Hydrogen Sectorial Forum, venue for sharing and reporting on the latest developments and progress made in the BH2C.

The latest meeting of the Hydrogen Sectorial Forum of the Energy Cluster was held on 3 November. At the event, the companies in the Basque hydrogen value chain met to share three key milestones in the progress of the sector in the Basque Country.

The event featured several presentations, notably from Petronor, on the latest developments in the Basque Hydrogen Corridor (BH2C Association), from Calvera Hydrogen, presenting the R&D strategy it plans to roll out in the Basque Country, and from Irizar, on the new prototype of the Hydrogen i6S Efficient, its new hydrogen fuel cell-powered long-distance coach. Additionally, the Office of Vocational Training of the Basque Government spoke about the transformation and latest developments in the Basque VT model.

Subsequently, the Basque Energy Agency and Orkestra presented the findings of a study on potential hydrogen consumption in industrial environments.

The meeting was completed with pitch presentations by Multiverse Computing and HYDAC Group, as well as updates on collaborative R&D projects such as H2SALT, AVOGADRO, ONTZHI, EKARRIH2H2MAT and HYPCOAT, and on the different internationalisation activities that the Energy Cluster will organise during 2024..

Source: Cluster de Energía